Dust Tactics: Custom Terrain - Ruin

This custom terrain piece represents a collapsed structure for use in Dust Tactics.

The in-game rules are exactly the same as for the two small rubble pieces. Infantry can enter, and count the rubble as cover, however walkers and other vehicles are unable to occupy any of the spaces.

As this terrain piece occupies 4 squares on the board I wanted to make it look even more like a collapsed building so I separated each of the four quarters so that each looks a little different from the last.

Once again the terrain piece is on a 6mm MDF base with camfered edges on two corners, with the other corners modelled to look like the remnants of collapsed walls. I added a wooden floor to one section and the a tiled floor to another.

Dust Tactics: Ruin
 I used a combination of foam-core off-cuts, lollipop sticks, grit and gravel and a variety of things from my bitz box, including an old 40K barrel and a Mordheim window to finish it off.

Simple paint-job with a spray undercoat, light dusting coat, stippling, ink washes and dry-brushing. The final paint finish was completed at the same time as my Rubble bases to ensure they looked at least a little similar.

Dust Tactics: Ruin, Alternate View


  1. Really nice work dude! I like how you've defined each square/room, very cool man. It complements the others superbly.

    1. Cheers Bob. I really wanted to define the individual squares without it simply being a line on the terrain piece

  2. Excellent piece of terrain, Adam. I can see you getting a lot of uses out of it.

    1. Thank you Bryan, fingers crossed, yes!